About Our Founder

Hi! My name is Tyra Carney. I am the founder of VIE MARIE BEAUTY, where we love inside-out beauty that starts with wellness and self-care to give you radiant, timeless, beauty and confidence. As a wife, a mother of five children and an entrepreneur, selfcare was foreign to me. Sometimes, we all need a reminder that’s it’s necessary to be our own priority.

For years, I struggled with dedicating time for myself. Then, I began looking in the mirror and seeing changes that made me question my beauty and wellness; because the first place neglect shows up is on our skin. I then remembered how my mother used to give me facials using natural ingredients from our home, so I decided to make a change. 

VIE MARIE BEAUTY was born out of necessity! I share my story to urge women to enhance their beauty from the inside out by offering products that are packed with the nutrients your skin and body craves to be healthy, hydrated, and radiant.  Our products will make you feel beautiful, confident, and vibrant! Become a part of a growing movement of self-care, as we exhort, empower and inspire confidence in women worldwide!! By the way, if you were wondering who is the inspiration for the name of my brand…well my mother of course VIE MARIE!