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Vie Marie Beauty has created a kit that includes our staple skincare products using the 7 natural ingredients guaranteed to combat aging and help you not only meet your skincare goals but exceed them for flawless, youthful skin. Buy the kit and save $33!

▪ Turmeric Brightening Masque
▪ Stem C 20 Vitamin C Serum
▪ Radiant Tea
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What our customer's are saying


Product is amazing!  The mask brightened up my skin and under my eyes. It also opened up my pores and cleared up a light break out.  The serum hydrated my face and it caused my face to just glow!! This product really works!!


My glow from Vie Marie Beauty is better than my  pregnancy glow!


This product is amazing I used it one time and I could see the radiance come back into my skin instantly. The texture is so soft it is so awesome. I can’t imagine what it’s going to look like in a week.


(My skin type is oily) I loved how the mask did not tighten up so much that it got dried and cracked while on my face. When I washed it off, my face felt cleansed and moisturized - usually after a mask my face feels cleansed but super dry. I followed with the serum and love how that added a glow but didn’t feel greasy - I didn’t even need to use the cream moisturizer I typically use after washing my face.


Just used skincare for first time! LOVE! My skin feels so good, smooth, and is so bright!! The mask formula is so great , love how un-harsh it is because of my supersensitive skin. I feel like prolog use would totally heal so many of my skin issues. Am deff gonna buy!

Los Angeles, CA

The products are nice. My skin is radiant!

Coryndi Mcfadden

After applying the masque my face felt super soft and my face felt super tight! I added the serum and my face had a super glow! These products are amazing!

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Who we are

VIE MARIE BEAUTY is a trusted beauty + skincare brand providing women of all ages with premium skincare solutions and products. Helping her stay ever young, healthy, confident and free.

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